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A door is often the first thing a person sees on approaching a house. It can be warm and welcoming, intriguing yet private, or strong and secure, perhaps a bit intimidating. A front door creates a strong first impression, giving a clue to what lies beyond.

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Magic Copper Tree
''Magic Copper Tree" door - Steel, copper, acid patina

The door is hung from a heavy steel jamb set into an arch at the base of a stone tower.

Approx. 36''x80''x2''
Steel slab door with forged hinges and latch
Steel slab door with forged hinges and latch - Steel, rust patina

A door of this size and weight requires correspondingly substantial hinges to allow it to swing easily. The door is secured with a forged latch with drop bar, as well as a keyed deadbolt.

Approx. 36''x80''
Japanese style privacy gate with bamboo infill
Japanese style privacy gate with bamboo infill - Forged steel, rust patina, bamboo

The steel frame of the gate is hot forged from heavy wall pipe to mimic the knuckled joints and texture of the bamboo. The inherent contrast, of the two materials used together, provides a pleasing visual texture. A forged steel brace lends graceful support to the whole structure.

Approx. 8'x6'
Tree Of Life

''Tree Of Life'' door - Western Red Cedar

The wooden panels are mounted to a commercial entry door. I carved this piece when I was 17, using tools that I had made.

Approx. 72''x33''

Troll Door With Eye
''Troll Door With Eye'' - Steel, rust patina 

This door guards the entrance to an underground lair. The steel plate has been cut apart and riveted back together. The pupil of the eye is inset with a wide angle lens. This door is very heavy and swings shut with a thunderous boom that echoes in the tunnel beyond.

Approx. 60''x90''
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