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Beautiful Door and hardware

Design is an essential component of creating a fine piece of custom metalwork.

First of all, it must fulfill its practical function. A railing must meet building codes, be strong, and offer sure protection from falls and slips. Latches, hinges, or mechanisms must work flawlessly for a lifetime.

Secondly, it must be beautiful and function aesthetically with its surroundings. Because of its strength and ability to be worked in an almost infinite variety of shapes, forged metal can introduce an element of lightness and whimsy into its setting, complimenting fine woodwork, stone, and custom surfaces.

Door Knocker Drawing - the before Door Knocker picture of finished

At Salamander Forge, every piece is custom designed for a specific function, place, and client.

Drawings are done to give a sense of the final product and a feel for how it will fit into its environment. Many technical aspects and proportions can be worked out on paper before any metal is committed to the fire.

Privacy Viewer - drawing Privacy Viewer finished in its setting

In addition to designing work for my own hand, I offer a design service.

I can provide drawings from concept through fully developed shop drawings, allowing work to be fabricated by a qualified artist blacksmith shop.
Door Latch drawing Door Latch finished

Design work is licensed for a one time specific purpose only and remains the copyrighted intellectual property of Salamander Forge, Inc.

Design fees are based on a time and materials basis or a percentage of the final cost of the project.

For custom design work please inquire through the Contact Page.

Railing drawing Railing finished
All work designed by Steve Gropp, Salamander Forge Inc.

Door hinges and window grill crafted by Tim Simonian. All other metalwork by Steve Gropp.


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